Theater Strahl


Documentary dance performance about boundaries of personality in terms of dictatorship and repressive state politics.

20th of July 2023 at 6 p.m.
Theater Strahl, Ostkreuz

Body performance based on testimonials of those people, who are staying in Russia, considering it an agressor state, and being against the regime and the war, and continuing their resistance from the inside. It is also the way to make these voices visible and heard, as it is unsafe for these people to speak outloud within the state. The performance is participatory, and it’s dramaturgy depends on the audience behaviour. There are several options for them to act in the space of performance: Choice, Speech, Sharing and Silence. Me as a performer react on what is going on around. I have the «play rules», but do not have exact partiture of movement. So everytime it is a field of research and a significant level of uncertainty. (DE+ENG)

20th of July 2023 6 p.m.

Venue: Theater Strahl, Ostkreuz (Marktstr. 11, 10317 Berlin-Lichtenberg)

Admission: free donation

Performed in 2022
in Tbilisi, Georgia (April, «Untitled Gallery»),
Yerevan, Armenia (June, «Xronotope» festival),
Berlin, Germany (December, MICT-hub Dissidents Exhibition)

About Mascha Sapizhak:
Documentary theater maker and performance artist
From Arkhangelsk, then Saint-Petersburg, then Tbilisi, now Berlin.
I am working a lot on the themes of origins and consequences of violence and discrimination, importance of equality, human rights, feminism and environmental justice.



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