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from 11 years & from 14 years | 90 minutes


In a place called Sugarland, one daughter embarks on a quest to find direction for her life and is taking the audience along on her journey. With a father full of despair, she is everything at once: the helpless child worrying about her dad, the rebellious teenager and the far-sighted adult with way too much responsibility on her shoulders.

The interactive play turns out to be a workshop to which the daughter invites herself, her father and the audience. Together they create “sugarlands” – carefree oases without worry – using materials provided and “ingredients” that everyone already has: “memories, hopes and desires, a little courage and a pinch of imagination”.

Over the course of this workshop and her journey through the here and now, together with her father and the audience, the daughter realises two things: that she is not as alone as she had first thought. And that responsibility weighs less heavily once you learn how to let go.


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  • Mental health and illness
  • Family and responsibility
  • Self-care
  • Escapism


15th March 2022
Bjørn de Wildt
Julia Herrgesell
Stage and costumes
Gwendolyn Noltes
Theatre padagogy
Jannina Brosowsky
Assistant director
Kathrin Reindl
Sarah El-Issa
Florian Denk

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Schauspielerin tanzt mit Vater, der in ein Mikrofon singt.

July 7

Day Date Time Play Rated Venue Tickets
Mon 4. 11:00 h 11+ / 14+ Die Weiße Rose
4. 11:00 h

Zuckerland (11+)

11+ / 14+
Die Weiße Rose
Tue 5. 11:00 h 11+ / 14+ Die Weiße Rose
5. 11:00 h

Zuckerland (14+)

11+ / 14+
Die Weiße Rose
Tue 5. 19:30 h 11+ / 14+ Die Weiße Rose
5. 19:30 h

Zuckerland (14+)

11+ / 14+
Die Weiße Rose


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