Theatre pedagogy


More than just watching a play

Theater Strahl is a place where many different people come together. We want to make theatre for – and with – all these different people. Our theatre-pedagogical-programme is for anyone who wants to get involved in theatre or would like to know more about the different dramatic forms of our plays and the issues they address.

From drama workshops to discussion groups based on a particular play to longer-term projects relating to a specific production (so-called Premierenklassen), we offer a range of activities for teachers and students of all age groups and from all school types. Using a variety of different techniques and formats we engage our audiences in a stimulating and meaningful exchange. The insights we gain from these workshops and discussions then feed back into our productions.

All our workshops and educational materials are in German.

Contact: Mira Laskowski & Caroline Schließmann
Tel.: (030)69506255