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Theater Strahl

A venue shaped and sustained by many

Founded as an independent theatre group in 1987, over the last thirty years, Theater Strahl has emerged as a trailblazer of ambitious contemporary theatre for young audiences. Since the late 1990s, Strahl has been performing on two permanent stages in Berlin-Schöneberg and, since 2013, in a large former sports hall near Ostkreuz. Now, with the completion of our project to create two new bespoke venues for youth theatre in the former sports hall, the 2022/23 season marks the first time in over thirty years that the theatre group has its own space.

Theater Strahl puts on guest performances throughout Germany and abroad, takes part in children’s and youth theatre festivals, and is a regular nominee and winner of theatre awards.

Theater Strahl develops and performs well-researched plays for young people aged 12 and over, in which the perspectives, anxieties, dreams and talents of young people are explored and placed within their societal context. Young people are involved in choosing and developing the plays, which also provides an access point to the world of theatre for first-timers. Young perspectives and themes thereby find resonance on the stage in a variety of aesthetic forms. Theater Strahl gives a space for these forms and concepts, experiments with media, music and masks, combines dance, theatre and performance, and embraces classics as well as the classroom. A major aspect of our work is Theater Strahl’s educational programme. From workshops based around a specific piece to school partnerships, theatre youth clubs and intergenerational theatre projects, Strahl offers creative spaces for the public to explore.

Theater Strahl’s aim is to further dismantle the barriers between art and education and between adult and youth theatre, and to make theatre for young people from 12 to 112!

Ostkreuz Theater von außen
Weiße Rose Eingang von außen mit Besucher*innen
Ostkreuz Bühne von innen
Ostkreuz Theatergiebel
Probebühne von außen


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