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Klasse Glück Schauspieler*innen mit Maske. Zwei schauen in ein Handy und machen ein Selfie.
Mask and Beatbox Theatre

Klasse Glück

from 13 years | 75 minutes | Coproduction with Theater Duisburg


School is over – and what now? The protagonists from our successful Klasse series are flexing their wings. But first they go on one last trip together. Freedom is calling: they’re off camping.
Sitting around the campfire under the stars, playing music at full volume deep in the woods, staying up until dawn. At last, they can live by their own rules. At last, they’re grown-ups! This is freedom. This is happiness! Who dares to dream? Whose dreams will come true? What does the future hold – and why is everyone still lugging around baggage that should have long been discarded? Does happiness, almost within reach a moment ago, threaten to slip away again?
A furious mask beatbox theatre on the themes of friendship, identity, freedom, endings and new beginnings.

With Mando, vice beatbox world champion, European champion and multiple German champion.

For an international audience – (almost) no spoken words!


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  • Friendship and love
  • Freedom and responsibility
  • Gender roles
  • Happiness


27th October 2020
Theater Duisburg
Stefan Lochau
Dana Schmidt
Live music and beatbox
Daniel Mandolini
Michael Ottopal
Stephanie Dorn
Werner Wallner
Michael Vogel
Theatre padagogy
Mira Laskwoski
Jörg Steinberg
Direction assitant
Hans Henschel
Lukas Besuch
Berta Del Ben
Jana Heilmann
Daniel Mandolini
Melanie Schmidli/Dana Schmidt
Manuel Tschernik

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Beteiligte: 6 Darstellerinnen/ 2 Technikerinnen

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Trailer: Klasse Glück



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