Scheitern! Liebe! Hoffnung!


from 14 years

Premiere: 23th October 2019

Fail! Love! Hope!

An ensemble-created play

Sweaty palms, butterflies, buzzing ears, blurred vision: this is what fear feels like. And what excitement feels like. At the crucial time you feel both. In a moment you could win everything – or lose everything. Only a fine line separates triumph from disaster. A precipice. It’s called FAILURE.

In Fail!, four performers confront their fear of failure. They valiantly and joyfully explore the potential of failure. What is it like to fall and get up again? To own up to a mistake and grow from the experience? Why are utopian dreams inevitably doomed to failure? What causes integration to fail? And, shouldn’t we be sitting in a black limousine rolling across red carpets, instead of contemplating failure at Theater Strahl?



Director: Anna Vera Kelle
Text: Hannah Schopf
Stage, Costumes: Andreas A. Strasser

Lisa Brinckmann
Florian Kroop
Anna Rebecca Sehls
Musiker N.N.

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