KRIEG. Stell dir vor, er wäre hier

Contemporary Drama

Cooperation with Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst Frankfurt/Main

from 13 years

70 Minutes (no interval)

Krieg 1

01 / 05

by Janne Teller
translated by Sigrid C. Engeler

What if there was a war – not somewhere far away, but here in Europe! The democratic system has collapsed and fascist dictatorships have taken over. You are leaving everything behind and flee. In an Egyptian refugee camp you and your family are trying to start a new life. But, since you have no visa, you are not allowed to go to school, can’t learn Arabic nor get a job. You feel an outsider and are longing for home. But – where is home?

„The idea that your own life could turn into a refugee existence is a bit like trying to imagine living on Mars,” says the Danish author Janne Teller in the epilogue of her book War, what if. The young director Anna Vera Kelle has adapted this intensely powerful thought experiment for the stage. Together with actors and visual artists, she set out to create a theatre experience that gives the audience a tangible sense of life as a refugee. In doing so, she addresses issues such as respect, empathy and the willingness of individuals, peoples and generations to take a step towards each other.



Premiere: 04/2014
Cooperation with: Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst Frankfurt/Main
Direction: Anna Vera Kelle
Stage: Lilian Matzke
Theatre Pedagogy: Cornelia Baumgart

Adrienn Bazsó
Oliver Moritz

Program + Tickets 

Date/Time Play Rated Venue Tickets
Tuesday 17.03. → 11:00 h 13+ Probebühne

KRIEG. Stell dir vor, er wäre hier

Tuesday 17.03. → 11:00 h
13+, Probebühne

Wednesday 18.03. → 11:00 h 13+ Probebühne

KRIEG. Stell dir vor, er wäre hier

Wednesday 18.03. → 11:00 h
13+, Probebühne

Thursday 19.03. → 11:00 h 13+ Probebühne

KRIEG. Stell dir vor, er wäre hier

Thursday 19.03. → 11:00 h
13+, Probebühne


Stimmen zum Stück 

Media Review

„As direct and insistent as Teller’s original novel is the stage adaptation by the young director Anna Vera Kelle for Theater Strahl. Jennifer Jefka and Moses Leo – both excellent, energetic actors – need only a few adaptable props to make the war scenario vividly plausible. (…) Of course, both the original and the stage play aim to evoke empathy for the fate of those seeking refuge in the West. In the Theatre Strahl performance this works admirably. Hopefully with resonance.”
Der Tagesspiegel

„The direct address has a unique effect: it is not the actors who experience the story that unfolds on stage, but it is me, the entire audience. This works…”

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