Hold Your Horses

Dance theatre

from 13 years

Hold Your Horses

A coproduction of De Dansers, NL and Theater Strahl.

Hold Your Horses is a dance concert about the need to hold on to someone or something in a world that is increasingly less tangible.
De Dansers tell their story using a few guitars, twelve hands and the bodies attached to them. The hands grasp, fail, touch one another, take off, fall down and pluck the guitar strings. We can see passion and distance. We can see human beings that are close and that are infinitely far apart. We won’t see any horses. But we can feel them!
Taking the stage with fervour and music, the six performers soon merge to become one single body. Spectacular, acrobatic movements meet human sensitivity. Guy Corneille’s live music channels this energy in a continuous flow of seductive guitar sounds and poignant songs.



Premiere: 21st Sept 2021
Coproduction: De Dansers & Theater Strahl
Choreography: Josephine Van Rheenen
Live music: Guy Corneille
Dramaturgy: Moniek Merkx
Stage & light: Timme Afschrift
Dance and theatre padagogy: Florian Bilbao, Joanna Mandalian
Conceptual collaboration: Florian Bilbao, Anna Vera Kelle

Yeli Beurskens
Yoko Haveman/Noemi Wagner/Marie Khatib-Shahidi
Liam McCall
Youri Peters
Arturo Vargas

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