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Interactive play

from 13 years

Premiere: 4th Sep 2018

DW Joerg Metzner4

01 / 05

Paul is fourteen and really likes Mila. She is new at his school and he’s been attracted to her from day one. But sometimes she says such peculiar things. He doesn’t always know how to react to them. And her uncle says things which Paul is pretty sure you shouldn’t really say out loud. But what is he supposed to do about it?

Does everyone always have to have an opinion about everything? And should you always share it with everyone? Is that meant to be brave? What is the “correct” opinion anyway? Who decides that? And at what point does opinion stop and racism or discrimination start? Is racism and discrimination always easy to recognise and to define? Is it OK to say anything you like, as long as there’s room for debate?

Four actors are taking the audience on a quest for answers and useful arguments. They challenge us to question prejudice and ingrained patterns of behaviour. Whether they uncover deep insights or just settle for the lowest common denominator will be a matter of negotiation each time.



Premiere: 09/2018
By: Christian Giese

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