Jugendtheater: KLASSE KLASSE
Jugendtheater: KLASSE KLASSEJugendtheater: KLASSE KLASSE

Masks - Beatbox - Theatre
created by Michael Vogel and ensemble
Age group: 12+|80 minutes|no interval
coproduction with THEATER DUISBURG
funded by the Hauptstadtkulturfonds

KLASSE KLASSE takes a playful look at the typologies within a school class: the star pupil and the swot, the popular kid and his mate, the school beauty, the bully, the sporty one, the daydreamer, the class clown, the defender of the weak, the strict teacher and the liberal one…. In a fascinating collage, day-to-day school conflicts are escalated with rhythm, wit and poetry.|Using masks – made by director Michael Vogel himself – the THEATER STRAHL Ensemble is presenting a fast-paced sketch show without dialogue, but with plenty of music. The German beatbox champion, Mando, not only provided the musical ideas but also performs live on stage.

The play’s focus is the classroom. It is the place of conflict, of competition and assertion, of love and solidarity, of exclusion, violence and of harmony. The place where emotions, nationalities and generations clash.|With its play KLASSE KLASSE, the THEATER STRAHL BERLIN has developed a unique new aesthetic for young people, which moves away from realistic depiction, enabling a completely new experience of the medium of theatre – one that cuts across all language barriers.