by Marianna Salzmann
A co-production with bat studio theatre,
in collaboration with the UdK Berlin
Premiere at the Ernst Busch Academy of Dramatic Arts’
bat studio theatre
Age group: 15+|65 minutes + discussion at the end

Awarded with the 2012 IKARUS prize for outstanding theatre productions for children and young people.

Aron, Nurit and Sedat have grown up in Germany, but they don’t feel at home here. Caught between friendship and betrayal, fatherland and mother love, their roots and their future, they fall between all the stools and struggle for direction and purpose. They are cool and comical, they enjoy the odd toke, are often moody and sometimes they take things to the limit. Until, one day, something snaps…

For this play, author Marianna Salzmann received the Prize of the Wiener Wortstätten in 2011 and the Kleist Promotional Award for Young Dramatists in 2012.

In 2012, WEIßBROTMUSIK was awarded the IKARUS Prize – Berlin’s award for outstanding theatre productions for children and young people.

In 2013, the play was invited to the “Augenblick mal!” youth theatre festival, where it was voted as one of the five most poignant German children’s theatre productions.

Media responses WEIßBROTMUSIK
„Nick Hartnagel’s clever arrangement maintains the ambivalence and keeps the sudden escalation of violence suspended on the cusp between game and reality. … Nothing is as simple as it seems. The audience is confused, shocked and, eventually, thrilled. Deservedly, this gripping production has been awarded the Ikarus Youth Theatre Prize 2012.” Zitty

„Sedat, Nurit and Aaron’s everyday life is sketched out in loosely arranged, often humorous scenes. For all their coolness, the three teenagers’ lack of orientation becomes apparent in their relationships with their families. … The author makes it hard for the audience to take sides. And this is a good thing – especially in youth theatre, which mustn’t under-challenge teenagers with a moralistic tale that already has all the answers.” taz.die tageszeitung

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