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Dance performance
Idea: Irina Demina
Choreography: Irina Demina and ensemble
Age group: 13+|50 minutes|no interval

In collaboration with the Inter-University Centre for Dance Berlin

Welcome to our amazing dream dance space!
An experiment exploring our yearning for dream realities, for the creation of different nows, the escape from the everyday and the power of our imagination.

Immediately after the performance the dancers will offer a glimpse behind the scenes by way of an interactive choreography play.

With support from the fonds darstellende künste – 3-year concept funding

Visitor responses:
„You enter and start dreaming.”
„A fascinating performance with inspirational effect.”
„Great, beautiful, dreamy and full of associations, amazing performances by the dancers – it’s good to see contemporary dance in youth theatre.”
„Inspiring, unsettling, released, deviant – the way surreal worlds can open up new perspectives.”
„Dynamic movements, dreamlike, stimulating, abstract, very imaginative, wonderful.”
„Amazing ideas, a free spirit and skilfully transformed into rhythmical movements.”

Media responses:
„The three male and two female dancers enter into a fast-paced web of scenes, presenting the audience with constantly changing moods. Visually setting the beat for this trip into the deepest depths of the imagination is the sophisticated interplay of video and lighting design. Now duplicating the dancers’ moving bodies through projections, now allowing the dramaturgy to be led by abstraction. Choreographer Irina Demina and her team were inspired by E.T.A Hoffman’s The Sandmann – which also explains the play’s many surreal undertones. The whimsical solo by a dancer sporting a giant spherical head is as much part of the dream imagery as are the mysteriously enlarged eyes. A true visual feast – not just for young dreamers.” zitty

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