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Midsummer night’s dream|VIDEOCLIP|
after W. Shakespeare
Adapted and directed by: Michael Meyer
Age group: 13+|60 minutes|no interval

To be in love – it turns the whole world upside down. Intoxication, chaos of emotions, enchanting confusion, dream-like insanity. Hermia loves Lysander. Helena loves Demetrius. But is it so? In the wild jungle of the big city, the youthful lovers from Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream dance to the pulse of the night. Breathing and suffocating. Ecstasy and disillusion. In each body fights a strong, young heart. The DJ becomes Puck, pulling the strings of fate for the night. He directs the wizards, fairies and ghosts; he stages the love song of the hot summer’s night.

Director Michael Meyer transfers William Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream verbatim to the present. Focusing on the young protagonists of the classic play, he and his ensemble, including beat box champion Mando, have created an intense performance between desire, delusion and reality. Choreographer Christine Stehno developed the dynamic and highly expressive body language especially for this play.

Media responses:
„For me, Shakespeare’s delightful play really came to live the most whenever it was transported through language. When the young couples, trapped in their own projections, try to convince each other, but are unable to untangle themselves from their confusions – until, at last, Puck helps out.” Berliner Bildungszeitung – bbz

„Puck is played by two different people, an actress and the beat box performer and DJ Mando. She acts, while he adds the sound to her pantomime – mixing the potion that causes confusion – another highlight of the evening.” Inforadio

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