Jugendtheater: HASEN-BLUES.STOPP.Jugendtheater: HASEN-BLUES.STOPP.Jugendtheater: HASEN-BLUES.STOPP.

or: What’s OK anyway?
by Uta Bierbaum
Age group: 14+|80 minutes|no interval

The message is as simple as it is multi-layered: “No matter how different you are, you’re OK!” It is what the protagonists Fee, Rox, Lila and Zebrallala are fighting for during biology class. Fee is a little wild, quite experienced and has a soft spot for Rox, who simply refuses to let him-/herself be assigned to either gender and is constantly asked to explain what it means to be intersexual. Lila, the trainee teacher, is suddenly grown up before she even knows it. And then there is Zebrallala, the centauric school psychologist, who would prefer to be a female hare ... well, they all have their own unique personalities, which are there to be explored.

HASEN-BLUES.STOPP. uses comedy, imagination and an astonishing stage set to deconstruct established societal norms and gender roles. A play about identity and sexuality, about being different and being confident. A play that tackles everything – and does so in an unconventional, moving and humorous way.


  • Identity
  • Typecasting
  • Gender roles
  • Sexual diversity

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