Jugendtheater: THE BASEMENTJugendtheater: THE BASEMENTJugendtheater: THE BASEMENT

Dance Theatre Choreography: Wies Merkx
Live music: Guy Corneille, Daan Crone (La Corneille)
Age group: 13+|70 minutes|no interval

A collaboration between THEATER STRAHL BERLIN | DE DANSERS, Utrecht/NL
With support from:
fonds darstellende künste – 3-year concept grant – and FONDS PODIUM KUNSTEN

They live on the wrong side of the street, in the gutter of the world. It is dark there; locked doors, high walls and barricades. You must be hard – very hard! Extreme and without fear. Grit your teeth. Closeness only hurts. The blink of an eye opens up new possibilities. Human kindness penetrates the armour.
„Maybe we could be friends… maybe.”

Media responses:
„Four dancers and two musicians from the indie rock band La Corneille fearlessly work the stage, skilfully switching between genres: contact improvisation, acrobatics and capoeira create the drive, across all levels of the set, enabling the cast to balance the difficult relationship between closeness and distance in powerfully fluid fashion. A strong piece of dance theatre that takes the emotional world of adolescents seriously and throws you with such delightful bluntness off kilter that you immediately crave more.” Zitty

„Cautiously the dancers attempt to break out from the prison they have built for themselves. They seek the closeness and affection of the others. Crawling, arms formed into an O, craving a hug. Placing their head below the other’s hand they steal a gentle caress. But these moments are rare and fleeting. Soon they beat each other again, the violence increasing as the music gets louder.” Tagesspiegel

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